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Laptop Service Training Industry In India

”  What I hear, I forget.
What I see, I remember.
What I do, I understand.”
– Confucius

As an organization who had proved their presence  in the industry from 1999 onwards,      Corona Systems is keenly following the trends in laptop industry ever since the laptop boom in India. So when the global trend of Laptop industry hit India in late 2005 and early 2006 Corona ventured in to the training of laptop servicing to professionals for the evolving market.At the beginning people were really skeptic about the future of the service industry of this delicate machines and most of the hardware engineers were reluctant to enter in to the new segment. But We moved ahead with our plans and established the first laptop chip-level training facility in our home state , Kerala.


in 2007 itself we begin to cater the requirement of both the service and training Industry in Kerala , Tamilnadu, Gujrat  and even for individuals and companies from Northern part of India , Nepal and some middle east countries . and most of the training facilities started after we established had drawn  manpower from our Placement cell.


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