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First Laptop BGA Chiplevel Training Facility In Kerala

 First is a normally misused term.


When we started the laptop training facility at our service division in Kerala, India, we have more than 6 years experience in servicing the laptops. When we goggle searched for the termlaptop service training and laptop chip level training , we could not find a single entry.

It date backs to 2005 when the trend of laptop service is emerging in India. But we could not get enough courage to claim that we are starting the first of its kind in India because goggle search alone could not reveal all organizations. We are confident about our knowledge about the organizations in our state, kerala  and we claimed our organization as the first laptop Repair training providers in Kerala.  But the students who fly down from different parts of India and abroad made us confident that we are one of the best trainers in chip level service in India.

The next first thing is the practical hands on session on BGA rework station training . We become the first training organization in our state to offer a BGA re-workstation based service of laptop motherboards .

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