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Quality is never an accident;

it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort,

                                  intelligent direction and skillful execution –    


—   William A. Foster


 Corona Institute of Technology  – an ISO 9001-2008 certified Training organization in Laptop Chip level Servicing

We corona systems & service and Corona Institute Of Technology started back in1999 with four persons, technology and confidence as our investment. Now for all these    years we have trained thousands of  aspirant students to hardware engineers and now supporting more than 500  industrial customers. Well we will not say these are great figures. But we feel that more than the numbers it is the  quality that matters.

Our main areas of activity are in computer hardware chip-level servicing network administration training in Microsoft , Novell Unix and Linux  platforms and Laptop service . After being in the field of hardware service, network management and laptop service  for  these years , we started our new division exclusively  for professional training in laptop computer troubleshooting  back in 2007  that turned out to be the first laptop service training  division in India and one of the few hands on training imparting divisions in India.

With constant updation of technology and our training methodology , we maintained the number one position in the industry as the leader in quality hands on training in Laptop chip level. Rather than focussing the basic disassembly and reassemly of laptops and simple memeory repalcement and powerjack soldering , we foucssued on the core area of BGA chip level training.

With an individual based training session which make sure that you are getting a full hands on training session and the training session directly imparted by our service division head who is in the pure electronic segment fr more than 26 years , we ensure a quality training and value for money for any professional who wish to convert himself to a laptop chip level professional.

Our head office is located  at   kottayam , kerala state India. and branch  office at Allappuza , India.


Postal Address :

Corona Institute of Technology,           Jubilee building , T.B Road , Kottayam

Phone: 91-481-2566388


Corona Institute of Technology,           Kabeer plaza , Allappuza, Kerala , India

Phone: 91-477-2238873